Cuisinart Stand Mixer Review (2022)

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Welcome to our Cuisinart Stand Mixer review. If you’re planning to spend your money on an expensive mixer, you’ll prefer one that will precisely accomplish all of the tasks you require. Moreover, not all mixers are equal in all aspects. Some mixers are superior at churning breads; some mixers also turn into a multi-use appliance.

If you are looking for a mixer smaller than a KitchenAid say, more than 10 lbs smaller, the Cuisinart Precision Mixer does have a nice constructed cord-storage function as well.

This Cuisinart will accomplish the average blending and churning operations, but not as efficiently as other mixers. Cuisinart does provide several simple accessories that increase the utility of this mixer.

The Cuisinart Precision Stand Mixer is among the most prominent stand mixers on the market, so we put that to the test to see if it’s worth the investment. Keep reading to discover out how  the Cuisinart SM-50BC 5.5-Quart Stand Mixer (also known as the Cuisinart Precision Stand Mixer) works while preparing cake, breads, and even churning heavy cream. Let’s start.

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Cuisinart Stand Mixer Review

Design of Cuisinart Stand Mixer

The Cuisinart Precision Stand Mixer appears to be similar to many other stand mixers available. This has a tilt-head structure that is controlled by a pedal at the far end of the head near the device’s bottom. Just pushing this down releases the cover, which you may then raise or lower as needed.

The Cuisinart Precision Stand Mixer’s speed settings are another feature that distinguishes from other stand mixers on the industry. These are controlled by a meter, so there are a total of 12 of them, which is a lot more than the five or six that Smeg and Kitchen Aid provide.

The traction control dial is located on the mixer’s head. When the mixer is turned on, a blue LED lit ring illuminates to show that it is working. The traction control dial ticks at times and has a great gradual start option to prevent you from splattering flour across the table by choosing too high a speed at once.


Cuisinart offers the entire fundamental mixing equipment you’ll needed, including a flat mixing paddles, bread hook, and cook’s brush. The light-weight steel flat stirring paddle and kneading hook have a non-stick covering that gives them the ability to cleanup. The wire chef’s brush is made of a light-weight, non-coated metal.

Like a regular hand whisk, the wire on the spatula is flexible and adjustable. The dough hangs and combining paddles can both be washed in the washer, however the whisk must be washed by hand. The stainless basin has a volume of 5.5 quarts. It’s enough to make 5 dozen biscuits or 6 cups of powdered sugar. A splash protector with a pouring nozzle that fits on top of the machine is also provided. This makes it easier to add components while combining and helps to avoid mistakes, but it can be difficult to set up correctly.

The shielding is made up of two parts: the shield and the pour spout. To put it together, first connect the cover to the mixing bowl, then the pour nozzle to the screen. Although it is not the most user-friendly, it is suggested as there isn’t much room to add more components without it.


However at high speed, the mixer is pretty silent, thanks to its powerful 500W motor and 12 speed setup.  It is much calmer than my KitchenAid Mini, which is always a good thing. The device is wonderful when it comes to grinding. I’ve used the mixer to make a variety of bread and pizza breads, and it consistently produces seamless, mixed thoroughly bread.

There’s an incredibly fold configuration that enables you to relieve into the blending so you will not get covered in flour before you even start your blend, which is a convenient method. I really should consider that, thanks to the huge lever at the rear of the machine and the light-weight top, tilting the head up to up and add flavour is a simple.

Regrettably, when it comes to playing, the device goes down the drain. After making a few pastries, I’ve noticed that the batter occasionally did stick to the edge, indicating that it wasn’t being mixed evenly and that the device needs to be ended to force the additives right into the middle. To be equitable, it didn’t happen frequently, and I’ve noticed that I have the same issue with the Small KitchenAid, though scraping the sides a few times does help it mix well.

The puddle defender is awesome and extremely useful, though you’ll have to remove it every time you need to scrounge the sides, which is a little unrealistic.



The Cuisinart Stand Mixer can accommodate up to 5.5 quarts of anything you’re about to blend. This enables you to make blonde of biscuits, a couple pastries, a huge quantity of bread, as well as enough crushed potatoes to serve a party. And just because the plate has a high capacity is does not mean you have to utilize it. This mixer can manage both tiny and large quantities.


There are 3 distinct accessories included with this stand mixer, as well as a splatter shield with a pouring nozzle. A stainless steel brush, a steel kneading scoop, and a flattened mixing spatula are among the accessories available.

The whisk is great for whisking cream or making crepes, the bread hitch is great for combining and kneading bread dough, and the paddling is great for everything else. The splashing barrier thus keeps all components confined, and the pour spout ensures that your batter is transferred precisely and cleanly, rather than carelessly scooping it into the dish.


This Cuisinart stand mixer has a total of 12 settings. There’s no pure speculation required, so there’s no danger of under- and over your additives because a percentage of ingredients require accuracy in their mixing phases.

Lower velocity can be used to mix in chocolate chips or gentle fruit without inadvertently mixing them. Similarly, the quickest speeds are perfect for whipping cream, getting ganache, or making sure your batter has enough air.

Ease of Use

The Cuisinart SM-50 Stand Mixer is a simple machine to use. Rotate the basin into position once it’s been fully prepared. Then, on the rear, of the device lower the handle to raise the mixer blade.

This blender is well-packaged, to be sure! The Styrofoam in the package might be compressed quite firmly around the mixer’s basin and top. It may find it harder to lift the mixer’s head and remove the bowl while the packing is still in the way. If this is the case with your box, don’t be scared to cut the foam to liberate the device – don’t scratch your expensive stand mixer.

Easy of cleaning

Cleaning this Cuisinart mixer is also a simple. All of the accessories, as well as the basin and splatter protector, may be washed in the washer. Nothing needs to be washed or cleaned by hand. Whereas the mixer (like all of them) isn’t washable, it may be simply washed with a wet cloth or sponge.

The splatter guard, on the other hand, should keep dough or batter from splattering all over the Cuisinart, thus this will be a one-time task. If you have the space on your kitchen worktop to keep the stand mixer outside, it may become dusty or unclean as your kitchen is being used, but a quick wipe-down will have it shining in no time.


If you’ve been looking for a stand mixer, you’re certainly aware that they may cost anywhere between $250 and $300. It is not the situation with this Cuisinart, thankfully. It’s nearly a value at $150 on Amazon, especially in comparison to other possibly the best manufacturers.


The bigger volume of the mixing bowl was praised by reviewers. Typical machines of this type come with a five-quart bowl, but the Cuisinart comes with an additional quarter.  This may seem insignificant, but when cooking for the festivities or a party, it might be the distinction among managing a single batch and dividing your dish into smaller portions. There’s no need to be concerned; this gadget will provide you some breathing room.


There’s not much you can’t produce with this Cuisinart, thanks to the wide range of speeds, the various accessories, the ability to clip on more equipment, and the large bowl capacity.

This mixer is up to the task of making a huge amount of biscuits, triple-layer cakes, chocolates, or slices of bread. Additionally, you may purchase optional accessories that allow you to make ice cream or noodles, as well as chop meat and almonds. Your culinary ingenuity is the only limitation.


This Cuisinart stand mixer had been highly praised for its practical layout.  The required accessories are supplied, allowing you to jump right into a recipe, whether it’s for bread, creamy, batter, or something else entirely.

The speed range also eliminates guesswork, and the large bowl size eliminates the hassle of perfectly portioned materials to fit. Simply put your ingredients in the bowl, switch it on, and let it do the rest.

Our Cuisinart Stand Mixer Review Analysis

The Cuisinart Precision Master, in our opinion, doesn’t really live up to its reputation. This device is provided with all of the essential mixer features that indicate a high-quality, high-performance product.

The device, though, lacking the accuracy that its title implies. Most noticeably, there is a significant distance between both the mixing attachments and the basin. The consequence is unmixed or splattered ingredients all over the basin. On the plus side, this model is reasonably priced.

How easy is this mixer?

A simple dial on the right hand side controls the 12 speeds. Its back-mounted lever-release handle has a simple press action that requires little practice. Each attachment is loaded by twisting a spring and applying a little level of strain. The bowl’s grip is ideal for locking and unlocking the bowl, which rotates effortlessly into the base. 12 speeds may appear overkill before use, but once the device is up and running, they provide a lot of control and allow for some personalization – especially if there are obstinate lumps of fat while mixing butter and sugar together for a cake. For jobs like folding, whipping, and churning, the user manual provides recommendations for the ideal speeds to utilize.

Should you buy the Cuisinart Stand Mixer?

When it comes to stand mixers, the Cuisinart Precision Master Stand mixer offers outstanding performance at a reasonable price. Although it lacks the lever function found on many stand mixers, which may be difficult for folks who aren’t used to dials, the Cuisinart surpassed many more powerful versions in our testing.


  • The mixer can be operated from both the front and the back.
  • For convenient storing all of the accessories fit within the bowl.
  • Even at its highest speed, it is silent.
  • The bowl’s grip makes it simple to carry during use.
  • The splashes shield is positioned on top of the bowl and may be turned in any direction.
  • The splashing guard’s pour spout makes it simple to add materials.


  • It tries to blend the bare minimal
  • When combining dough and pastries, the motor appears to be having issues.
  • Because the splash guard rests on top of the bowl, it must be evacuated every time the mixer head is raised.


The Cuisinart Precision Master comes in at a reasonable price. Our tests found, however, that the system has significant design defects that limit its efficiency. The unnaturally large space among the bowl and the mixer connection is particularly concerning.

To guarantee adequate mixing and kneading, the user must manually bridge the cam with a spatula or by hand. As a result, we recommend that you look at the other models in our study that are a better deal.

And that concludes our Cuisinart Stand Mixer Review.

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