Best 2 Cup Coffee Makers

We usually start the day with a fresh cup of coffee; it keeps us active for the whole day. If you are looking to make coffee for yourself and your loved one simultaneously, you need a 2 cup coffee maker.

You can see many types of coffee makers present in the market, from a single cup to a 14 cup machines. But here our main concern is to make coffee for two people and therefore our need is two cup coffee makers.

In this post, we will discuss different 2 cup coffee makers and coffee machines and their detailed buying guide. The good thing about one-cup and two-cup coffee makers is that they are easy to handle and compact ones to fit on your countertop.

Two-cup coffee makers can easily make two mugs of coffee. Keep in mind that all the coffee makers discussed in the article are readily available on Amazon. You just have to click on the link and check it for yourself.

So today, we will discuss the best two-cup coffee maker reviews. The main advantage of coffee is that it is considered the best beverage and boosts your energy to the optimal level. In addition, it also rejuvenates you and makes your mood fresher.

You can also find the best-automated coffee maker for your home to get fresh and warm coffee for hours. If you want the most enjoyable and delicious coffee, you can try any coffee makers or coffee machines discussed below.

These coffee makers are very potential and high-quality devices to give you the fresh coffee you ever want. These coffee machines are different in prices and other features, so you have to choose your device wisely.

Comparison Table for the 2-Cup Coffee Maker


Product Name Brand Capacity Special Feature Item weight
Espresso Machine Expresso Coffee Maker Bonsenkitchen 1.25 Liters Automatic Shut-Off 9.03 pounds
Conair Cuisinart 2 Cup Coffee Maker Cuisinart 2 Cups Permanent Filter 1.36 pounds
DeLonghi Espresso and Cappuccino Machine De’Longhi 1 Liter Removable Tank, Cup Warmer 6.67 pounds
Philips Fully Automatic Espresso Machine Philips Kitchen


9.7 Ounces Programmable 20.3 pounds
Calphalon Temp iQ Espresso Machine Calphalon 2 Liters Manual 15.53 pounds
Cuisinart Espresso Maker with 2 Cups Cuisinart 2 Cups Removable Tank 1 pound
Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine with Steamer Hamilton Beach

2 Cups Manual 9.22 pounds
Mr. Coffee Espresso/Cappuccino System Mr. Coffee 2.5 Pounds Thermal 1.21 pounds
De’Longhi Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso De’Longhi 1.8 Liters Removable Tank 23.1 pounds
Saeco Xelsis Espresso Machine Saeco 1.7 Liters Manual 25.8 pounds



List for Best 2-Cup Coffee Makers


Espresso Machine Expresso Coffee Maker

Bonsenkitchen is a fantastic professional espresso machine with precise temperature control and a powerful milk wand.

Double temperature control

You can easily brew espresso at the required temperature with two separate temperature control systems. So you can easily control the steam pressure and the water pressure separately.

Deliciously balanced flavor

Now, you will get the perfectly balanced coffee extraction with the help of temperature control technology. Due to this technology, the water temperature remains optimum, and you will get a consistent taste of coffee.

Transparent water tank

With this transparent water tank, you can easily monitor the water volume. Also, this water tank and the drip tray are removable so that you can easily clean them. It is a very efficient 2-cup coffee maker. You can make different kinds of coffee, such as cappuccino, latte, caramel, macchiato, Ice coffee, and classic espresso.


  • Brand: Bonsenkitchen
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 1.25 Liters
  • Special Feature: Automatic Shut-Off
  • Item weight: 9.03 pounds

Pros and Cons


  • Fast heating automatic coffee machine
  • Compact and beautiful design
  • Easy to use coffee maker


  • Require regular clean up

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Conair Cuisinart 2 Cup Coffee Maker

We all know very well that Cuisinart is a famous brand for making potential coffee makers and other devices. It is a great coffee maker to give you perfectly flavored coffee, as it is easy to make one or two cups at a time.

Automatic shut-off feature

With the help of an automatic shut-off feature, the device shuts off if it remains on for a longer period. No one can beat the Conair Cuisinart in build quality, as it comprises high-quality upscale stainless steel material.

Quality results every time

Now, you can make your favorite flavored coffee with the help of this 2 cup coffee maker. It is equipped with new technology with which you can get quality results every time. The reusable filter basket is dishwasher safe, due to which you will get fresh coffee every time.

Making coffee according to your preference

With the help of this two-cup coffee maker, you can achieve your favorite coffee taste, whether it is cappuccino, single or double espresso, or latte.


  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 2 Cups
  • Special Feature: Permanent Filter
  • Item weight: 1.36 pounds

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use and easy to clean
  • Reusable filter basket
  • Made up of high-quality stainless steel material


  • Expensive model

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DeLonghi Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

DeLonghi is a high-quality 2 cup drip coffee maker where there is nothing you dislike about this machine. It has a good coffee grinder that brings perfect taste and consistency to your coffee.

Space-saving design

It is a beautiful 2-cup coffee maker compact enough to fit on your countertop easily. It is also equipped with two different portafilter basket sizes. If you want to make a single shot, you will use a single, and if you want to make a double shot, you will use a deeper size portafilter basket.

Simple to remove water tank

The water tank of this 2 Cup drip coffee maker is very convenient and simple to remove. You can also refill and reattach the water tank and check the water level because it is transparent.

No waiting between cups

You can easily brew cup after cup as this double cup coffee maker has an advanced cappuccino system. With the help of this system, it can easily maintain the optimal temperature to serve you the best-tasting coffee.


  • Brand: De’Longhi
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 1 Liter
  • Special Feature: Removable Tank, Cup Warmer
  • Item weight: 6.67 pounds

Pros and Cons


  • Comes with two different portafilter basket sizes
  • Built-in frother
  • Convenient Cup holder under the lid


  • Produce vibration while working

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Philips Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

Philips is a potential brand in making not only coffee machines but also other devices and equipment.

Now, you can enjoy the fresh and tasty coffee at your fingertips. I suggest espresso Lungo, Americano, espresso, cappuccino.

100% ceramic Grinders

The grinders of this 2 cup drip coffee maker are made up of 100% pure ceramic, which is extremely hard and precise. Most surprisingly, this coffee machine will now get fresh aromatic coffee.

Aqua clean filter

The Aqua clean filter present in this two-cup coffee maker gives us the surety that we will get fresh and tasty coffee. If you change the filter of this machine, you do not need any descaling for up to 5,000 cups.

Easily prepared silky smooth milk foam for your cappuccino

The classic milk frother present in this double cup coffee maker lets you create your favorite cappuccino with silky smooth milk froth.


  • Brand: Philips Kitchen Appliances
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 9.7 Ounces
  • Special Feature: Programmable
  • Item weight: 20.3 pounds

Pros and Cons


  • Comes with an auto-clean process
  • Dishwasher safe parts
  • Three temperature settings
  • Three aroma strength settings


  • Expensive model

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Calphalon Temp iQ Espresso Machine

If you want a beautiful layer of cream for your espresso, you are right. Calphalon is an excellent 2-cup coffee maker with a 15-bar Italian pump that produces the right pressure for maximum flavor extraction.

Cappuccinos, lattes, and other drinks

This incredible 2-cup coffee maker has a cup warming tray with a steam wand that froths milk and espresso-ready cups for making lattes, cappuccinos, and other drinks.

58mm cafe-sized portafilter

The portafilter present in this machine can easily hold more coffee grounds and provides even water dispersion and extraction for excellent flavor.

Accessories included

The accessories included in this two-cup coffee maker are stainless steel milk pitcher, cleaning pin, and tamper. It also has a dial interface with which you can easily select hot water steam and pre-programmed single and double shots.


  • Brand: Calphalon
  • Color: Stainless
  • Capacity: 2 Liters
  • Special Feature: Manual
  • Item weight: 15.53 pounds

Pros and Cons


  • Quality results every time
  • Comes with adjustable control
  • Gives you different amazing flavors of coffee


  • The build quality of this coffee maker could be improved.

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Cuisinart Espresso Maker with 2 Cups

Cuisinart is a great espresso maker with two cups. It is a straightforward machine with simple features such as a large water reservoir and well-constructed parts. No one can beat the Cuisinart coffee maker in quality and flavor.


Now, you can easily dispose of wet grounds of coffee with the help of a portafilter holder to get a fresh cup of coffee every time.

High-quality premium material

This two-cup coffee machine is made of high-quality stainless steel premium material that ensures its durability. It also has stainless steel steam Nosal for cappuccinos and lattes.

Warming plate

It is an amazing two-cup coffee maker with a warming plate to keep your beverage steaming hot. Moreover, it also comes up with an espresso maker to get your favorite frothy latte or cappuccino.


  • Brand: Cuisinart
  • Color: Gray
  • Capacity: 2 Cups
  • Special Feature: Removable Tank
  • Item weight: 1 pound

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality stainless steam Nosal
  • Removable reservoir
  • Portafilter holder with locking mechanism


  • Difficult to clean

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Hamilton Beach Espresso Machine with Steamer

Hamilton beach 2 cup coffee maker stands out in the market with Mocha, cappuccino, and latte makers. With this coffee maker, you can enjoy cafe-quality espresso drinks at home.

Perfect Espresso drinks

You can easily get perfect espresso drinks and lattes with this coffee maker. The frothing nozzle is present with adjustable steam control that heats the milk to give you rich scoopable froth in seconds.

Easy to fill the water reservoir

This coffee machine has a removable 50 oz water reservoir that is simple to remove and easy to replace. You can also easily refill it where the water level is easily visible and eliminate guesswork.

Make your coffee with your favorite coffee beans.

This coffee maker works exceptionally well with your favorite pods or coffee grounds. The cleaning of this coffee maker is also easy, where you can throw out the used pod.


  • Brand: Hamilton Beach
  • Color: Black
  • Capacity: 2 Cups
  • Special Feature: Manual
  • Item weight: 9.22 pounds

Pros and Cons


  • Removable water tank
  • Compact and attractive design
  • No waiting between cups


  • Mesh filter

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Mr. Coffee Automatic Dual Shot Espresso/Cappuccino System

Mr coffee 2 cup coffee maker gives you automatic dual shot espresso and other cappuccino systems with the help of a thermal block heating system. Now, you can easily brew rich taste cream topped espresso with this amazing 2 cup coffee maker.

Heating system and milk frother

With the help of a thermal block heating system, the water heats up instantly. Also, it has an espresso maker with a frothing arm to steam the milk quickly. Now, you will always get a foamy layer on your coffee with the powerful milk frother nozzle.

Easily prepare every type of coffee

If your inmates have different taste preferences, this 2-cup coffee maker is just for you. It can easily prepare every type of coffee, such as a Cafe-like latte, delicious cappuccino, and creamy espressos.

Pressure Pump system

This two-cup coffee machine has an incredible pressure pump system with which you can prepare rich, creamy, topped espresso. It can be possible with a 15-bar pressure pump system with removable vertical water reservoir and indicator light alerts.


  • Brand: Mr. Coffee
  • Color: Silver
  • Capacity: 2.5 Pounds
  • Special Feature: Thermal
  • Item weight: 1.21 pounds

Pros and Cons


  • Creamy cappuccino
  • Automatic coffee maker
  • The removable and washable drip tray
  • Comes with a pressure pump system


  • Noisy grinder

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De’Longhi Magnifica Super Automatic Espresso

De’Longhi is a renowned brand for producing different types of high-quality coffee makers as it is a super-automatic espresso. This coffee maker has two stainless steel boilers that give excellent heat distribution and the best taste of coffee.

Easy to use control panel

I am impressed with this machine’s easy-to-use control panel, where you can easily adjust the menu settings for coffee strength, temperature, and cup size.

Consistent brewing every time

Now, you can easily feel the difference in density and richness in your coffee. This is because it gives you consistent brewing every time at the perfect temperature.

Tasty cappuccino and latte

The machine has an adjustable manual cappuccino system with which you can achieve your delicious cappuccino and latte according to your preferences. Here the machine easily mixes the milk and steam to create the thickest long-lasting foam for your cappuccino.


  • Brand: De’Longhi
  • Color: Silver
  • Capacity: 1.8 Liters
  • Special Feature: Removable Tank
  • Item weight: 23.1 pounds

Pros and Cons


  • Consistent brewing every time
  • Gives you fresh espresso
  • Easy to use control panel


  • Not perfect for beginner

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Saeco Xelsis Espresso Machine

Saeco Xelsis is a super-automatic espresso machine with a titanium metal front. Although it is a costly two-cup coffee maker, it offers innovative features with an advanced touch screen display. Still, it gives you professional-level, super tasty coffee.

Automatic espresso machine with an unlimited variety

Most surprisingly, it is the best small coffee maker offering 15 different coffee drinks that can cater to the entire family’s coffee preferences. It does not matter whether you prefer a shot of espresso or a flat white; it has the ability to give you every type of coffee, such as latte macchiato, cappuccino, espresso coffee, etc.

Aqua clean filter

Now, you can also feel the improvement in the quality of your coffee that is only possible with the Aqua clean filter.

Ceramic grinder

The ceramic grinder of this 2 cup drip coffee maker is of high quality and made up of double ceramic material. Here, in this grinder, you can easily grind fresh beans without the risk of overheating.


  • Brand: Saeco
  • Color: Silver
  • Capacity: 1.7 Liters
  • Special Feature: Manual
  • Item weight: 25.8 pounds

Pros and Cons


  • Titanium metal front
  • Touch screen control
  • Six customizable user profiles
  • Aqua clean filter


  • Expensive coffee machine, but taste-wise, it is awesome.

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Buying guide for purchasing the best two cup coffee maker

Before purchasing the two-cup coffee maker, we have to consider some essential features. Let’s go into the details about these features.


As you know very well, we mostly need coffee in the morning to start our day, and we are always in a hurry at that time. So it is always necessary that your coffee machine be speedy and efficient.

However, there is a particular standard to speed up the process of coffee making. According to experts, you can get the best ever taste of coffee in 4 to 8 minutes. It is highly recommended to wait at least 4 minutes to make coffee.

If you brew your coffee before 4 minutes, the coffee will be under-extracted. On the other hand, if you wait for more than 8 minutes, it will be over-extracted. So keep this thing in mind that the making of the coffee usually takes 4 to 8 minutes.


Brewing temperature plays a vital role in having the best tasting coffee. So brewing temperature is considered the essential additive to extract and dissolve all the espresso solids from coffee grounds.

Therefore, you will get a first-rate cup of espresso. The best temperature at which the coffee should be brewed ranges from 195 to 205 tires Fahrenheit. This temperature range is usually based on the average cup standard.

This temperature range is necessary as if you go below these temperatures; you might get sour coffee. On the other hand, brewing coffee above 205 degrees will stock up against boiling water.

Ultimately making coffee above this temperature will result in heavier and extra bitter coffee.


The maintenance of any type of coffee maker is very much necessary because it will increase the longevity of your machine. If you do not maintain your coffee maker, it will ultimately result in different types of problems such as uneven extraction, worn-out buttons, leaky brew baskets, and much more. You must consider these factors to the fullest, especially if you purchase a portable coffee machine and frequent travelers.


The size of the coffee machine is also an essential factor to consider. However, many people do not pay much attention to the dimensions of the coffee maker. After buying their favorite coffee machine, they find it difficult to place it in the proper area.

Unfortunately, big-size coffee makers do not fit on your kitchen countertop. So make sure your coffee machine must be compact enough and fit in your kitchen. However, here we are talking about two cup coffee makers.

They are smaller in size, but still, you have to consider their dimensions. But keep in mind that two-cup coffee makers require a more significant area than one-cup coffee makers. All the factors discussed above are very important not only from the performance point of view but also from the health point of view.

Frequently asked questions

Which small-size coffee maker is considered the highest-rated machine?

  • Keurig K-Mini Plus
  • Cuisinart DCC -450BK
  • Nespresso Inissia
  • Black+Decker 5-Cup Coffeemaker
  • Bonavita 5-Cup Thermal Coffee Brewer

Can you make two cups out of a single-serve coffee machine?

Although you can get two cups of coffee from a single-serve coffee machine, these are very small cups. If you do not want a small cup of coffee, then you have to run the machine twice, possibly with a clean in between. So normally, if you drink two cups of coffee in the morning or have your soulmate with you, you must go for a two-cup coffee maker.

How can we keep the second cup of coffee hot?

You should have a travel mug with a thermal carafe to keep in the heat. But keep in mind that a coffee mug always tastes like a travel mug, but it is your best option.

However, if you have a double-walled glass carafe, it is the best way to get there without compromising flavor. If we talk about stainless steel carafes, they always transfer the flavor. So you will get a change in flavor after using stainless steel coffee makers.

How much coffee do you normally use for two cups?

Sixteen ounces of water and 4 tablespoons of espresso for making two cups of coffee is enough. If you are making three cups of coffee, then 24 ounces of water and 6 tablespoons of espresso is good. And for four cups of coffee, you have to add 40 ounces of water with ten tablespoons of espresso.

Final thoughts

Two cup coffee maker is the best choice for single people or living with their partners. On the other hand, a 2 cup coffee maker is the best way to save your time, money, and effort.

Best 2 cup coffee maker reviews will help you get the information if you are serious about purchasing a two cup machine. Making coffee with these machines helps save your gas and 2 to 3 dollars a day per coffee.

With these machines, you will find various options based on the coffee you love to have. Here, you will learn about different coffee brewers that are best to select according to your budget and preferences.

All the machines that I describe above are easy to brew coffee makers and give you the best tasting coffee that you ever dreamed of.

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