Toaster vs Toaster Oven – What is the difference?

Some people use toasters in their daily lives, and some use toaster ovens; it all depends on their cooking preferences. As we all know that both are potential kitchen appliances, but if you are unsure about what to buy, this post will help you a lot.

Keep in mind that the toaster and toaster ovens have the same function, but they still have some differences. Some think that toasters are the best, and some believe that toaster ovens are the best.

Unfortunately, they have very little knowledge about the features of both gadgets. Here my main intention is to introduce all the differences in detail to easily decide between buying whether the toaster or toaster ovens.

What is a toaster?

    The toaster is a unique kitchen appliance first created in the late 19th century in Scotland, UK. Most surprisingly, it is considered the oldest kitchen appliance after the electric oven and other heating elements.

    In the 19th century, toasters got so much popularity because this is one of the first appliances powered by electricity. You will be surprised to know that the earlier models of toasters toast only one side of bread at one time. So after browning at one side, you have to flip it to complete the process. But fortunately, after some time, other types of toasters were also invented that could toast both sides of bread simultaneously.

    Basic design

      We all know very well that toasters come up with a fundamental design where they are primarily available as two-slice or four-slice toasters. But still, they are available in different colors, prices, and ranges of materials.

      Toaster settings

        In toasters, there are different heating settings, but heat limits are not mentioned.

        Usually, you will see a dial ranging from 1 to 5. So toasters are considered to be a very simple device. While evaluating the toaster vs toaster oven, we will discuss the toast oven also.

        What is a toaster oven?

          Now, we will discuss the toaster oven. Toaster ovens are often taken as the modern version of the traditional toaster. It reminds you that the first toaster oven was invented in 1910 by a scientist working for an electrical company.

          Different types of toaster oven

            Remember that toasters come up with a very basic design, but toaster ovens are advanced versions.

            Types of toaster ovens

            There are two different variations of toaster oven such as countertop toaster oven and mounted toaster oven.

            As many people know, countertop toaster ovens are portable and can be moved from one place to another on your countertop. However, on the other side, mounted toaster ovens are usually mounted in cabinets. Unfortunately, you cannot move these toaster ovens when you have once installed them.

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            Countertop space

              Some are worried about the space when they decide to buy the toaster ovens. We all know very well that the toasters cover a very little area on your countertop, but the question arises whether they are equipped with all the toaster ovens to have?

              You will be surprised to know that the toaster ovens stand out in the market with various unique features. Don’t worry about the space; you can easily find small-sized countertop toaster ovens in the market, such as 4-slice countertop toaster ovens.

              A toaster oven is much better than the conventional toaster because you can toast the bread the same way in the toaster oven, just as in a regular toaster. One more benefit that you get from a toaster oven is that you can also cook almost all types of food that you want, such as pizza cookies, roast chicken, etc.

              So you must keep in mind that countertop toaster ovens only take very little space. Although they are a little bit more costly than the toasters, they are considered the best gadgets where you can cook almost everything. However, unfortunately, if you are on a tight budget and your main intention is to just toast the bread, you can go for the toasters.

              Toaster oven gives you the yummiest taste of food

                Many people think that the taste of the food is lost when you cook in a toaster oven. But they are wrong because when you start using them, you will notice that the taste is exceptionally delicious and yummy. From baking cookies to pizza, you will enjoy the juicy and crispy taste which you want.

                In the past, toasters were popular as a go-to appliance where you can toast some pieces of bread and a bagel. But now people are moving towards buying a toaster oven because they are equipped with exceptional features.

                However, it is a massive debate because some people love their toasters and their toaster oven. They remain stuck to their choices.

                Are toasters and toaster ovens the same?

                  Some people have a misunderstanding that both appliances are the same in function. But unfortunately, it is not the case; both are different with different features. If you want to know more about both these gadgets, then keep on reading the post.

                  So we conclude that toasters and toaster ovens are different. Although their names look the same, they perform other jobs. Some functions are the same, but some functions are present in the toaster oven compared to toasters. Let’s go into the details about what is a toaster and what is a toaster oven?

                  Available in different sizes and colours

                    You will not be surprised because, just like the toasters, toaster ovens are also available in different sizes, colours, and materials, as well as the prices. So you have an extensive range of toaster ovens from which you can choose them easily. Most surprisingly, along with all these things, they still have different unique features which you will never find in toasters. These features are grilling, defrosting, baking etc.

                    Digital toaster ovens or toaster ovens with dials

                      digital toaster oven vs toaster oven with dials

                      Toaster ovens have additional features due to which some are digital toaster ovens, and some come up with dials. The main advantage of using a toaster oven is a convection fan that spreads the heat evenly while cooking. Due to this speciality, these are also called Convection toaster ovens.

                      Now, we will go towards a comparison of toaster vs toaster oven. I hope you will be excited while reading all the stuff about toaster ovens and toasters. While studying the pros and cons of toasters and toaster ovens, you can easily decide which one suits you best according to your preferences.


                        Pros and cons


                        • Ø Toasters are used to toast the bread, bagels, and waffles.
                        • Ø Available in different styles, colours, and sizes.
                        • Ø Cover a very little space on your countertop. It means that the toasters are small in size and are lightweight.
                        • Ø Toasters are faster and efficient, where they can quickly toast four pieces of bread in a brief period.


                        • Ø You can only toast some pieces of bread, such as 2 to 4 slices.
                        • Ø You cannot bake or broil; however, only do toasting.
                        • Ø Temperature is not precise in toasters, so there is a chance that your bread might be burned.

                        Toaster ovens

                        Pros and Cons


                        • Ø Toaster ovens are available in different styles, colours, and designs.
                        • Ø Equipped with the timers so that you can monitor your food and can check when it is ready.
                        • Ø Shows a very precise temperature, so there is very little chance of burning the toast.
                        • Ø Toaster ovens have lots of functions, such as baking, broiling, and defrosting.


                        • Ø Some large designs take up more space in your kitchen.
                        • Ø They take more time to toast as compared to toasters.
                        • Ø Main benefits of toasters
                        • Ø If you need a gadget that will toast your bread to perfection, then a toaster is the only thing you want.

                        Consistent Browning

                          The toaster temperature is evenly spread in the food, and this is the main reason you will get more even and consistent browning on English muffins, bagels, or your bread.

                          Take up little space.

                            Some people who only want the browning of the bread always give priority to toasters. The reason is that they take up very little space as compared to a toaster oven. They are also very light in weight, like a toaster oven.

                            Easy to clean

                              One of the great use of toasters is that they are very easy to clean. Just like the toaster oven, many toasters also come up with a removable crumb tray. So just take out the crumb tray and put all the loose crumbs and waste into a wastebasket. However, if the toaster does not come up with a crumb tray, you can clear all the crumbs by taking them upside down and shaking out all the excess crumbs.

                              Toaster ovens are more than just toasting.

                                If you want to have a variety, then a toaster oven is the best choice. They not only toast but can also bake, broil, roast, as well as reheat.

                                Main benefits of toaster oven

                                  1. a. Variety of functions in the toaster oven

                                  Toaster ovens are considered to be the most versatile and functional kitchen appliances as compared to toasters. The reason is that along with toasting the slice of bread, they also perform many other cooking tasks typically associated with the standard oven.

                                  1. b. Equipped with accessories

                                  Toaster ovens are equipped with different accessories, specially crumb trays, to make cleaning easy.

                                  1. c. Toaster oven sizes

                                  Toaster ovens are available in different sizes such as if you have a small family, you can go for a four-slice toaster oven. Big families can even take an eight slice toaster oven.

                                  1. d. Toaster oven safety

                                  Most surprisingly, toaster ovens are very safe to use. Make sure that you are monitoring it from time to time.

                                  1. e. Toaster oven wattage

                                  Along with the different toaster oven uses, they are also available with different toaster oven wattages. So we can say that it is not just the bread toaster oven but can perform various functions.

                                  1. f. Energy-efficient toaster oven

                                  The good thing which I like about these ovens is that they are energy efficient toaster ovens. It means that they consume very little energy, you do not have to pay a lot of electricity bills.

                                  1. g. Convection oven versus toaster oven

                                  If we make a comparison between a convection oven versus a toaster oven, then ultimately, you must go for the convection toaster oven. The reason is that they have a convection fan that evenly distributes the heat for quick cooking.

                                  What is the difference between a toaster and a toaster oven?

                                    It is clear that by just looking at the toaster and toaster oven, they are different. Now, we will go into the details about what is exactly different in toasters and toaster ovens. An in-depth look will add some of the key differences between these gadgets and establish exactly why toaster ovens are not the same.


                                      The first difference by just looking at both the appliances is their size. Toasters are usually smaller in size, whereas toaster ovens are bigger in size. Do you know why this size is bigger? The reason is that obviously, the toaster oven has to perform lots of functions such as boiling and baking along with toasting.

                                      However, on the other side, toasters cannot perform all these functions. They only have to just toast the things. Toasters toast things to different speeds, but all they can do is just toasting. However, on the other side, a toaster oven can do a lot more. You can also cook frozen pizza as well as bake cookies.

                                      So toaster ovens are more advanced than toasters. The reason is that they were invented after the toaster, and it is a great gadget where you can use your toaster oven to reheat food from the day before. Even the defrost function is also present, and the food after defrosting gives you a fresh taste.

                                      Most surprisingly, you can even bake and broil food in it. It is to note that all toaster ovens do not have all these functions. But you have to find that toaster oven that is equipped with several functions. This thing is also our reason to compare the toaster oven with an oven.


                                        Another main difference between the toasters versus toaster ovens is the temperature. Both appliances achieve different levels of temperature. So we can say that the actual temperature settings are very different in both gadgets. As I also discussed earlier, the toaster settings are very basic and confined to just toasting.

                                        You will be surprised to hear that some toasters are so simple that they do not have an on-off switch button. So you just have to simply turn themselves on, do the toasting, and turn it off by taking out the plug.

                                        Also, the most advanced toasters are very basic. Many toasters have a dial with which you can adjust different heat settings. There is not any specific temperature mentioned at these dials. They are just numbered from 1, 2, 3, and so on, where the lower number means that your food will toast quicker. For example, if you adjust the dial to one, your toaster will toast in a very short time.

                                        However, if we talk about toaster ovens, they are more advanced than toasters in terms of temperature. They have different specific temperature settings that allow you to change the temperature according to your needs. So you can easily set the temperature to your requirement at which you want the food to be cooked.

                                        So we can say that toaster ovens have different functions because you can set the precise temperature and timings with them. Toasters are more essential than the toaster oven that can be set to a precise temperature.


                                          Speed is also a major difference between toasters and toaster ovens. Although people like toaster ovens because of several features and functions, if we talk about speed, toasters come out to be the top. The reason is that it is the most basic and the best function of toasters.

                                          Even a toaster oven is excellent because you can cook lots of things in it, but toasters are the perfect one when it comes to speed. So toaster ovens are a little bit slow in terms of speed.

                                          Toaster ovens are specially designed to be confined to specific temperatures. So they take a little bit longer to reach the toasting temperature. The toaster oven gives you more speed because they have a basic design for heating a lot quicker.

                                          Also, toasters can heat up quicker, but it does not mean that toaster ovens are not good. The reason is that they toast the bread so quickly that it results in burning bread.

                                          So we can say that even the toasters are a lot quicker than a toaster oven, but when you toast the bread in a toaster oven, you need not worry about the burning of the bread. So it is difficult to say which one is best, but toasters are faster.

                                          Electrical efficiency

                                            Electrical efficiency is also another influential factor for people buying electrical appliances as electricity will be expensive day by day. So before purchasing any electrical device, you must keep in account how much it will cost to operate it.

                                            Some people misunderstand that toasters are more efficient on electricity as compared to toaster ovens. The reason is that toasters have basic functions, but this is not the case. You will be surprised to know that toasters consume the same amount of energy as the toaster oven.

                                            Generally, toasters consume 800 to 1500 Watts of electricity when they are used. So if we make an average, then normally they consume 1200 Watts of energy. The same is the case with toaster ovens. They also come up with an O operating power of 1200 watts.

                                            So the toasters and toaster ovens use the same amount of electricity when they are used. So we can say that a toaster oven can be a good option because you are getting many functional features with the same amount of electricity.

                                            But keep in mind that we are analysing things generally. So it is your own choice whether you want a toaster or toaster oven. It all depends on your needs and preferences which one would suit you the best.


                                              Another thing which you also want to consider before selecting either a toaster oven or toaster is safety. It is to note that this is the factor where the two devices differ from each other. You can also check out another post How to use a Toaster Oven that helps in taking you to a safer side.

                                              It is a great thing that both the devices are indeed safe to use; otherwise, you have to think several times before purchasing any one of them. Some features are present in them, which make one a little safer than the other.

                                              However, you will be surprised to know that in terms of safety, a toaster is safer than a toaster oven. The reason is that a toaster oven has a lot more features and functions. These features and functions, therefore, increase the risk of something getting wrong. So doing different things in a toaster oven could potentially make it more dangerous.

                                              It is a fact that these features and functions increase the risk of burns, electric shock, and the most dangerous thing: explosion. You should not make a bad review of a product that exploded. The reason is that it is the way you are using a device.

                                              However, all the discussion about safety would not make you stop buying a toaster oven. The reason is that all these devices have risks. So be careful while using any device, whether it is a toaster or toaster oven. You should also consider that even the toaster has fewer functions than the toaster oven, but it still has some risks similar to the toaster oven.


                                              Is it better to have a toaster or toaster oven?

                                                A toaster usually browns more evenly and quickly as compared to a toaster oven. But a toaster oven has different functions and features. You can roast chicken or hamburgers easily. Although it takes a little bit more time than a toaster oven, you will have a variety of foods to be cooked in the toaster oven. If you are on a tight budget, then you can go for the toasters.

                                                Does a toaster oven use more electricity than a toaster?

                                                  A toaster oven and toasters use almost the same amount of energy. Typically, they use around 1200 to 1700 watts of power.

                                                  Can you bake a cake in the toaster oven?

                                                    Yes, you can easily bake a small cake in a toaster oven. Keep in mind that the temperature and the baking time will vary from conventional oven baking. For even baking, you must be aware of the presence of the heating elements.

                                                    Does the toaster oven use radiation?

                                                      The bread is heated with the help of infrared radiation. The spindles in the toaster release ultraviolet radiation when you put the bread. You will see that bread gets red, after that the radiation dries and then the bread becomes softer.


                                                      The main difference between a toaster and a toaster oven is that a toaster oven comes with various functions, whereas in toasters, you can only heat the food. You can not overlook the toaster in making breakfast. Keep in mind that both the electrical appliances are putting a lot of effort into improving your dietary routine. It all depends on your cooking needs, what you want, whether the toaster or the toaster oven.

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