Nuwave Bravo XL Smart Oven Review (2022)

Welcome to our Nuwave Bravo XL Smart Oven Review.  Manufactured by one of the best brands in this category, this convection oven gives you perfect dishes every time. Nuwave uses patented technology in its smart oven, which helps to add more taste and nutrition.


Although not as popular as the Ninja Foodi, this Nuwave Bravo Smart Oven is just as good, if not better. In fact, many professional chefs love this particular appliance. It has even caught the attention of the U.S press and has been featured on Good Morning America, CBS, and ABC News.

We hope that this Nuwave bravo XL smart oven review will show you just how fantastic this product actually is. This article will take a closer look at the brand, its features, and some pros and cons.

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Brand Profile

Launched in 1993, Nuwave has become a leader in the kitchen appliances industry. It was founded by Jay S. Moon, who had worked in the kitchen appliance industry, mainly LG, Whirlpool, and Electrolux, for a couple of years.

Since then, the company has developed a “Live Well For Less” philosophy that they implement in producing each of their products. The focus is on manufacturing safe, affordable, and green products that improve the quality of life. Nuwave aims to exceed industry-standard best practices regarding safety and product quality.

The company is well known for its innovative countertop kitchen appliances, with its flagship NuWave Oven product launched in 2002. And has since become the No.1 countertop oven in the world. Now let’s dive into this comprehensive Nuwave Bravo XL Smart Oven review.

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Nuwave Bravo XL Smart Oven Review Summary

Designed to be a user-friendly, affordable, and time-saving, kitchen appliance has been sold to over 6 million customers worldwide. If you’re not a Jamie Oliver, rest assured the Nuwave Bravo XL Smart Oven will be the perfect companion for you.

It features a unique heating technology that ensures an even cook (or bake) for any vegetable or meaty dish and more. It is powered by 1800 watts of electricity, so you don’t need to worry about hot or cold spots.

If you like micromanaging your cooking, this smart oven comes with different power levels, adjustable fan speeds, and 12 pre-programmed presets. This type of versatility is unmatched. The air fryer toaster oven comes with an integrated digital temperature probe and a triac digital switch. Both allow you to monitor the temperature levels as you cook.

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The following are the specifications of the model:

  • Dimensions: 20 x 13.5 x 11 inches.
  • Colors: Stainless Steel.
  • Material: Stainless Steel.
  • Weight: 19 Pounds.
  • Wattage: 1800 Watts.
  • Volts:120 Volts.
  • Temperature: 500 °F.
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited Product Warranty.


Smart Temperature Control

Are you looking for a guilt-free way to enjoy fried goods? Well, look no further because this convection oven allows you to enjoy some healthier fried alternatives. The convection heating technology circulates hot air around the food. All you need is the fats and oils that naturally occur in the food. As a result, you end up with crispy, soft, and juicy dishes without the unnecessary calories.

The patented digital temperature probe minimizes the chance of undercooking or overcooking your food. Once you set your preferred cooking temperature for a specific dish, the smart oven monitors the internal temperature of the food as it cooks. It will automatically shut off once your food is done.

Additionally, the Triac Digital Switch maintains your set temperature minimizing the risk of fluctuations that might spell disaster for your meal.

The smart oven also has adjustable top and bottom quartz heating elements, three at the top and two at the bottom. Using a simple press of a button, you can customize the power levels for both heating elements as well as the fan speed.


The capacity of this smart oven is unmatched. You can cook a 10-pound chicken or 13-inch pizza easily. That’s at least one cubic foot of cooking space. Big family events like thanksgiving can be managed easier now as this appliance will do all the heavy lifting for you.

Safety and Energy Efficiency

The Nuwave Bravo XL Smart Oven is specifically designed to keep all the hot air inside the oven. Moreover, the heat-resistant door and cool-to-the-touch handle minimize the risk of burns. This is perfect if you’re in a hurry or if you’ve got kids around.

Additionally, the fast cooking features use less energy, meaning you save more on your monthly energy bills.

Versatile Cooking Modes

The weather got you down? How about you make use of the grilling function? Who says you can’t grill indoors? The non-stick grill plate included in this model is ideal for grilling indoors all year long. This is a unique function that you won’t find on a smart oven that costs less than $200.

Additionally, the oven features Flavor Infusion Technology which uses low pressure to seal in moisture and infuse heat and flavor into every meal. This means juicer roasts, crispy-er veggies, soft, moist cakes, cookies, and muffins.

It comes equipped with 12 cooking modes, and for this price range, this Nuwave smart oven is truly value for money. With a single button, you can cook the following meals without worrying about temperature and timing. The cooking functions include the following:

  • High-quality pizza, bagels, and waffles
  • Baking
  • Broiling
  • Grilling
  • Reheating food
  • Defrosting
  • Roasting
  • Dehydrating
  • Toasting
  • Yogurt
  • Slow Roast
  • Air fry

The oven also comes with various accessories for your cooking needs and a recipe book with 40 recipes.

Another great feature that we love is that you can customize the settings to your preferences. You can sear, grill, warm, and use the delay function to ensure that your food is cooked exactly the way you want. This means you can be in control of your time and your meals.

Durable Design

All the parts of this Nuwave smart oven are sturdy and durable. The exterior is made from stainless steel and features a tempered glass door that is also heat-resistant. Additionally, the sheet tray is also made from stainless steel. The baking pan is made from non-stick enamel, so everything is made from high-quality material.

You are guaranteed that the Nuwave Bravo XL Smart Oven will serve you well for a couple of decades, even with heavy use, provided that you take care of it the right way. Lastly, it has a beautiful aesthetic finish and looks lovely on any countertop.

Additional accessories

Each smart convection oven comes with additional accessories, including:

  • A cooking rack
  • A pizza peel, cutter, and server
  • A grill or griddle plate
  • A digital temperature probe
  • Access to the NuWave cooking club app
  • A recipe book with lots of delicious and nutritious recipes

You also have the option of choosing a few more accessories to pair your Nuwave Bravo Smart Oven with. This could be anything from a brick oven-style pizza kit to a pull-out crumb tray.


Easy Cleaning

Nuwave seems to have done everything to make cleaning this appliance easy. It comes with many non-stick parts, including the grill plate and basket rack. This is a bonus because greasy stains can be a nightmare to clean.

All you need to clean these non-stick parts is to wipe them down with a mild detergent, some warm water, and a damp cloth. Additionally, the Bravo smart oven comes equipped with a handy removable crumb tray that catches any food residue. Best of all? All these removable parts are dishwasher safe!


The features of this smart oven are nothing short of amazing. From access to the company app to the indoor grilling feature and the energy efficiency, you can’t beat this kind of versatility. Many reviewers were more than impressed with the number of meals you can cook in this oven.


Most manufacturers dish out a one-year warranty, but Nuwave seems to be so confident with the quality of its product. The three-year warranty comes with a one-year VIP service guarantee.

Value for Money

This smart oven’s features, capacity, and functions compete with the more pricier appliances. So you’re getting tremendous value for money because this oven costs just under $200. This is pretty affordable in our books.


Can be noisy

Some owners complained that the appliance was slightly noisy when in use. Moreover, the digital clock makes a high-pitched noise that some found quite alarming.

No rotisserie

While it can fit a 10-pound chicken, it doesn’t come with a rotisserie which would have been the icing on the cake.

Not very user-friendly

We noticed a couple of negative reviews when it came to user-friendliness. A couple of buyers complained about how hard it was to figure out how to use the Nuwave Bravo XL Smart Oven. The instruction guide seemed to offer no help either, so keep that in mind.

How does it compare with similar products?

Before we close this Nuwave Bravo XL smart oven review, we must look at how this product compares to others on the market. We know that you get what you pay for and that the Nuwave Bravo oven has some huge selling points. But is it a worthwhile investment when we look at others in the same price range?


Let’s find out.

Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven,

First on our list for alternatives is the Cuisinart TOB-260N1 Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven. It can roast, toast, broil and bake in a short time. It comes with multiple convection fan settings and can be programmed to dual cook. This means you can cook a dish at one temperature and then switch to another to finish cooking it through.


KitchenAid Digital Countertop Oven with Air Fry

This is also a great alternative if you don’t have much room to spare. It serves as a toaster, air fryer, and countertop oven in one. The great news is that it has excellent temperature consistency, and it can comfortably fit two whole chickens simultaneously.


LUBY Large Toaster Oven Countertop, French Door Designed

Slightly cheaper than the Nuwave Bravo Smart Oven, this Luby countertop oven can easily fit up to 18 slices of bread at the same time. While it might not have some of the fancy features of the Nuwave, the Luby makes up for it due to its size and capacity. A 14-inch pizza or a 20-pound turkey can comfortably fit.

It comes with separate temperature controllers for the top and bottom heating tubes. It has four positions for racks and pans for maximum cooking flexibility. The most significant selling point might be the french door design. They allow you to open a single door to check on the food without letting too much heat escape from the oven.

Comparison Table

Product Nuwave Bravo XL Smart Oven Cuisinart Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven KitchenAid Digital Countertop Oven LUBY Large Toaster Oven Countertop, French Door Designed
Outer Dimensions 20″ x 13.5″ x 11″ 20.87″ x 16.93″ x 11.42″ 17″ x 18″ x 11.5″ 22.04″ x 16.14″ x 14.37″
Maximum Pizza Diameter 13″ 13″ 12″ 14″
Power Consumption (W) 1800 1800 1800 1800
Accessories Rack

Chrome Mesh Rack

Grill/Griddle Plate

Crumb/Drip Tray

Temperature Probe

Pizza Peel

Pizza Cutter/Server

Manual/Recipe Book

Cooking Club App

2 Oven Racks, Baking/ Drip Pan. Broiling Pan, Removable Crumb Tray, 13 “Pizza Stone, Recipe Booklet Air fry basket, baking pan with grill rack, Removable metal drip, and crumb tray, Removable metal rack Bake tray, bake tray handle, wire rack, crumb tray


Overall, the Nuwave Bravo Smart Oven is one of the best on the market right now. The functions and features you get at a relatively affordable price are unmatched. This appliance will be a perfect addition to your kitchen. All that’s left to do is find some delicious recipes and get cooking!

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