Kenwood Chef Titanium XL Mixer Review

Kenwood brings to you its front runner kitchen machine, the Kenwood Chef Titanium XL. For the more devoted and adventurous, the Kenwood Chef Titanium XL enables passionate cooks to create dishes to the highest standards. Featuring 3 attachments to help you. Designed and engineered in the UK, the Chef Titanium XL is bursting with innovative features to provide you with a truly sophisticated experience which will produce first class results time and time again allowing you to focus on your culinary creations.

Kenwood stand mixers never fail to impress. Excellent mixer as usual from Kenwood. Kenwood mixers are by far the best mixers on the market. This is our 2nd Kenwood mixer and it’s another brilliant one and definitely not because our past mixers have broken, but because we are cooking quite a lot and love having the latest gadgets.

Our past mixers have been handed down to family relatives and they just love them as much as we do. We had a kitchen aid, but it just doesn’t compare! This is a true work horse mixer and we love it. Especially loving and enjoying the addition of the light too. Also the stainless steel beater blade whisk and dough hook are amazing.

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Our take

The style is modern and sleek, but still retains that classic Kenwood Chef shape we all know and love and the functions are still the same if not better. It is so smooth and easy to use. There is a push button start /stop and this ingenious light that illuminates the bowl so you can see when your ingredients are perfectly mixed together- such a nice finishing touch. We opted for the larger bowl – 6.7L because we like cooking in big batches and we are really very happy.

A genuinely lovely machine that will deliver us delicious memories for years and years to come. The whisk attachment is very sturdy and was able to produce perfect meringue. We also bought the additional flexible beater, which you have to adjust, make sure you buy the right model for your mixer (AT502).

Kenwood Chef Mixer

It’s nice to have the added pulse feature and the light is a great extra addition and the splash guard is very useful. It’s good to have the additional attachments to make this one a brilliant all-rounder in the kitchen. If we had a gripe, it would be that it didn’t come with its own proper cover, but we are using the plastic cover it came with just to keep it clean. We haven’t yet bought the grinder, but on our older Kenwood, it ground up coffee and spices brilliantly and we’re sure the grinder for this mixer will do the same, also you can grind granulated sugar to make caster sugar.

So all in all this is one great machine, so far we can’t find fault with its performance. It’s extremely solid, looks great in our new (and very contemporary) kitchen and we really enjoy using it. So far, we’ve made all sorts of cakes (of course) and with practice have now cut down our prep time significantly and got excellent results and have also made beef sausages for the first time ever. We would 100% recommend this machine and we are certain it will see a lot of use and will probably outlive us all.

Kenwood Chef Titanium XL Mixer Review

Product Information

Whether you’re trying out a brand new recipe or an authentic dish tried and tested by generations, the Kenwood Chef Titanium enables passionate cooks to create all sorts of dishes to the highest standard. It comes complete with the highest quality stainless steel SYSTEMPRO™ bowl tools, allowing you to beat, knead, whisk, cream and fold with confidence.

There’s a unique folding function which enables you to thoroughly mix all the ingredients carefully without losing air and the varying speeds give you the ultimate control. Follow the instructions carefully and take the time to adjust the bowl tools as described in the manual. Once this is done the machine really does have no trouble with both small and large batch mixtures.

Stand mixer

  • Comes with various bowl tools
  • Large capacity mixing bowl is made from elegantly flared polished stainless steel and features handles and in-bowl illumination
  • In-bowl illumination allows an expert eye to control the mixing progress
  • Features electronic speed control with halo illumination
  • Includes variable speeds, pulse function, fold function and Start/Stop button
  • Motor’s planetary mix action maintains speed and power even under heavy loads
  • Hex slow speed outlet compatible with KAX models, adapter required for AT slow speed attachment models
  • Comes with the Head Release spine lever head lift interlock
  • Two piece style splashguard with large chute that can be easily fitted with head up, down and with tool fitted.

Whenever you’re mixing anything, always make sure to start at a low speed and then slowly increase as you go. There are some great tips given in the manual regarding the correct speed to use for different ingredients. The pouring plastic shield can also be washed in clean warm soapy water or on top rack of your dishwasher. The dough hook, beater and whip wire are all hand wash only, do not put them in the dishwasher or they will get ruined. Wipe down the shaft and entire mixer with a clean damp cloth and leave to dry.

If you take the time to set the levels on the mixers right, you will not be disappointed with how well the tools reach the edges of the bowl – it took us a little while to get the heights of each tool just right, but now we’ve cracked it and it works brilliantly.

Comes with the following goodies:

  • Flexi beater
  • K-beater
  • Dough hook
  • Folding tool
  • Wire Whisk
  • Spatula
  • Splashguard
  • High speed outlet
  • Slow speed attachment outlet

Product Specifications

  • Power: 1700W
  • Weight: 10.4kg
  • Dimensions: H 35.6cm x W 38cm x D 28.5cm
  • Bowl capacity: 6.7L
  • Bowl’s cake capacity: 4.55kg
  • Bowl’s dough capacity: 2.56kg
  • Bowl’s flour for pastry capacity: 910g
  • Bowl’s egg white capacity: 16

Care tips

Before you use the mixer, wash the bowl at least 3 times to remove any dark residue. As we know that any kitchen appliance you purchase will for sure have to be given a quick thorough wash before use, that’s normal. Also wash all the attachments like the hook, beater and wire whip. Before mixing, we always check to make sure there is no residue left by wiping with a paper towel. This way, your whipped cream, egg whites or butter won’t have any grey streaks in them.

Kenwood Chef Mixer parts

Best way we found to handle any black residue is put salt in it and cut a lemon in half. Squeeze enough juice to make kind of a paste and use the half lemon to scrub the bowl with the juice/salt mix. You’ll see the black coming off. Do a good job adding salt as needed. Then just wash with some dish soap and you’re all good. This mixer is very heavy and quite large. We leave it out tucked in the corner on our counter, but if you have limited counter space please know that it’ll be heavy to move around to use. The rubber on the bottom of the mixer helps it stay in one place even when kneading bread using the bread hook. You can hear the motor running, but the machine stays put.

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  • Impressive changes, quieter and more pleasant to use.
  • Has an in bowl light.
  • Sturdy, stable and solid.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Attachments are easy to attach.
  • Pouring shield is good quality.
  • If you take the time to set the levels on the mixers right, you will not be disappointed with how well the tools reach the edges of the bowl.
  • There are no issues with mixing dough for longer than 5-10 minutes (no issues of overheating).
  • It also comes with 3 different mixer bowl tools.


  • The wire whisk attachment doesn’t last and replacing it isn’t cheap.
  • Need a good spatula to get the batter off the sides.
  • Very Heavy.
  • The balloon wire whisk is too clunky and slow.


This machine is fantastic. Much quieter motor than previous models and runs very smoothly. There are some reviews that comment that the beaters don’t reach the bottom of the bowl, our advice is to follow the instructions and take the time to adjust the bowl tools as described in the manual. Once this is done the machine really does have no trouble with both small and large batch mixtures. The in-bowl LED is very useful and helps to see what you are doing. Additional safety feature where the machine stops when the head is lifted is great when you have small hands helping you out.

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