15 Different Types of Can Openers (User Guide)

Different types of can openers are available that my make choosing one not as straight forward as you may think. Can openers also play a very important role in making your kitchen life easier, just like other appliances? In this article, you will get a user guide about different types of can openers along with their pros and cons.

We all know very well that many people use canned foods and store them in their refrigerators for many days. The reason is that canned food is very handy when you do not see cooking.

Canned foods are very easy to use and expire after a certain period. From my recommendations, eat canned food as early as possible. Even if it is not passed, it may not taste good after a certain period.

However, here we are talking about can openers. Can openers serve as a gadget to open the can conveniently and fastly?

This is a very interesting post in which we will discuss different types of can openers to open cans, whether big or small.

Material of the can openers.

Normally the material of can openers is tin or metal. However, nowadays, people prefer can openers made of metal.

In the market, many can openers are present in which the blade is made up of Stainless-Steel material. In contrast, the body comprises other materials such as plastic.

However, other can openers are also present in which the whole body and a blade are made up of Stainless-Steel material. Let’s discuss all types of can openers in detail.

Different Types of Can Openers

Electric can opener

Nowadays, the most modern can opener is the electric can opener. However, the first electric can opener was made in 1893.

The main purpose of manufacturing electric can openers is to minimize the human effort to a much lesser extent.

Electric can opener is considered the most convenient form of can openers that are very different from manual can openers. Your work is completed in less time than the manual can opener computer.

Although the manual can opener works the same way as the electric can opener because they have the same basic usage principle, the main difference is that all the work is done by the machine, not by your hands.

So, with only the push of a button, the electric can opener starts working and cuts the lids of the cans with safety and efficiency.

Most conveniently, many electric can openers are available on the market that has formed with additional features.

The other features are that the can opener serves as a jar opener, knife sharpener, and bottle opener. So, the electric can openers work by plugging into a socket; however, some electric can openers are also battery operated.

Advantages of using an electric can opener

Let’s discuss the advantages of electric can opener as the most widely used nowadays.

Less stress

While using an electric can opener, you will not get so much stress and anxiety to open the cans. So these can be organized, saving you from physically straining yourself.


Electric can openers are all very good in terms of safety. Now, you do not have to worry about the sharp edges you get after cutting the lids of the cans.

In some modern units, safety guards are also installed, which helps prevent you from being cut by the can lids.


This is the most important advantage to consider. Electric can openers are awesome in terms of speed compared to modern can openers.

They have the capability of easily opening the cans and saving you a lot of time and energy.

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Smooth edge can opener.

The first thing about the smooth edge can opener is that you will not have to take the tension of hurting yourself with the edge of the can. Also, you will not get the sharp finish by using this can opener.

Also, the blade used in the smooth edge can opener is made of food quality Stainless Steel material. Therefore, we can conclude that it is very safe, especially for people who suffer from arthritis.

These people will find this can opener convenient for opening the cans. To use it, you must first place the top edge of the can inside the circular gap of the opener. You must ensure that the opener’s handle is on the outside of the can.

It should be almost locked to the lid. Keep the can in place with one hand. With your other hand, turn the opener clockwise. Continue to turn until the cutting is complete. Gently remove the opener from the can.

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Church-key can opener

The church key can openers are mostly used by campers and beer lovers. It is very handy as well as easy to use. This can opener was made in 1892 and is popular among people.

Church-key can openers come in the category of a manual can opener, which is also used to slice open the flat top of the cans and open the corks of different glass bottles.

It looks like a simple key when you put the first look at this can opener. The church key can opener consists of pressed metal with a pointed edge designed to pierce the can lid.

The container must first be firmly secured at the border, and then the lid must be punctured using the opener with its pointed tip. Next, use the opener to rip off the can’s top quickly.

Ensure that you hold the church-key can opener carefully as the appointed might hurt your hands. It was invented in 1892; it is considered the old-fashioned can opener that you rarely find anywhere.

You can easily puncture the lid of the can with a pointed edge by tilting it forward. Then it pokes through the top. After that, you have to lift the opener and the lid rapidly.

As discussed earlier, the main disadvantage of a church-key can opener is that you might hurt your fingers while opening.

Tin can key can opener.

As the name shows, this key opener looks like the door keys. This can opener has a single twisted piece of metal that opens cans with thin walls.

However, keep in mind that the tin can

key can opener is made for cans with thin lids. Key openers are characterized by their size. However, just like the church-key can openers, this can opener is also easy to use.

But still, it has been a pointed edge and is just like the above one that could hurt your fingers. But they are also a convenient option for can openers. But unfortunately, these can openers are of no use because nowadays, these cans are not manufactured.

Bunker can opener

Bunker can opener is considered the most common type of can opener. Suppose if we talk about the handles of this can opener, then it looks much like the cutting pliers.

However, in this can opener, a serrated wheel and a key are also present. So, all these things and mixed up, and you get a machine. So, the bunker can opener can easily open any can smoothly and fastly.

Now the question comes into the mind of how to use this type of can opener. First of all, we have to use the bunker to group the can effectively with the help of pliers.

Then, turn the key and let the wheel spin so that it slices through the can’s top. You can use it with one hand. Therefore, it is very easy to operate.

Side can opener

Side can openers came into existence in the 1980s. This opener consists of a cutter and a roller wheel that cuts the sides of the can below the rim. It does not cut down on the top.

It is different from the other can openers because it does not cut the lid, and as a result, there is the removal of the rim. In this way, the top of the can is removed. So, make sure that you use the side can opener wisely and carefully.

This can opener comes with a cutting wheel and serrated wheel. Therefore, it gives the best grip when slicing through the top of your can.

In this way, the outside of the rim is folded and keeps the edges smooth. It also reduces the possibility of injuries.

The side can openers stand out in the market with their innovative design in which the entire top of the can is removed. However, some people find it difficult to operate, but it is how you use it.

Camping Can Openers

The main specialty of camping can openers is that they are very small and compact. It was found in 1942, where the most famous can openers are P-38 and P-51.

These small can openers were issued to the military people. This is the main reason these can openers were widely used in the Second World War through the 1980s.

These can openers are portable to easily take from one place to another or pack in your backpack. Nowadays, these camp can openers are very popular among people who go out camping or to the countryside.

These can openers make your work easier when opening a variety of cans becomes a breeze.

Magnetic can openers

Normally, in magnetic can openers, the blade is made up of sharp stainless steel, with which you can easily cut the can in no time with no effort. So the main purpose of magnets in magnetic can openers is to lift the lids for safe disposal.

They are very good because the lid of the can while cutting will not touch the food present in the can. Therefore, your food remains safe and will not be contaminated when using magnetic can openers.

One advantage of magnetic can openers is that you are safe while using a can opener. You can safely hold the container and do not get any risk of hurting your hands.

This type of can opener has a window that allows you to align the opener accurately to the can’s lip. You can also see the process as it unfolds.

Topless can opener

Topless can openers come in the category of the most modern can openers. These can openers stand out in the market due to their innovative and safe design.

This is the main reason they are very safe to use and do not cause any cuts on your hands. The good thing about these openers is that they would not need any charge as just cutting the can lid.

Moreover, topless can openers are very easy to use. First, press the opening on the top of the can to turn it clockwise three times.

Then push the lid and shake the openers slowly to remove the top of the can. Consequently, topless can openers have four sharp stainless-steel blades.

Therefore, this can opener proves to be the best can opener for canned cocktails beverages and canned drinks.

 Ring pull can Opener

Ring pull can opener works very well for people with little hands strength and who have Arthritis problems. This can opener is also very easy and simple to use.

It is very lightweight and provides added leverage to easily and safely open it.

You do not have to cut yourself when opening the cans with a ring pull can opener as a user. The actual working of the Ring Pull can opener is that it works by every sleep under the ring pull on the cans.

Handheld automatic can opener

Remember that handheld automatic can openers are used electrically or manually. However, on the other side, handheld can openers are battery operated.

They are very good for restricted movement for reduced upper limb strength. So, people who do not have more power in their hands can go for this handheld automatic can opener.

It can be used by both the right-hand people and the left-hand people. They normally stand out in the market due to their amazing features, which are very easy to use.

They come with larger grips and have contoured handles. The handheld can openers normally come with built-in hooks for opening ring pulls. This game is specially designed that needs very little strength in its usage.

Normally, in this can opener, a magnet is attached to the lid of the can. The advantage of this opener is that the opening automatically stops when the cutting is completed.

Key can openers

As the name depicts, the key can opener has the shape of door keys. These types of openers are a little bit different from the other types.

Be careful when attaching; this can open up the container. If it is properly connected, you will miss the cans more precisely.

Still, many people use key openers as they are very easy to use, comfortable, affordable, and do not take up so much space on your countertop.

You have to attach it properly to the lid of the can. After that, you need to puncture the lid using the sharp edge of the key-shaped part.

After connecting it to security, you have to twist the opener in a particular direction. When you turn in the proper order, you easily tear the side of the lid and roll it afterward.

One-touch can opener

A one-touch can opener means that you can open the can automatically with one touch of a button. They are considered automatic and open cans fastly to complete your work with just a single button.

One-touch can opener is specially designed for efficiency, convenience, and comfort. They are also good for people who have little hand mobility. When the lid of the can is completely cut, you have to touch the button again to stop it.

Just like the electric can opener, it will also give you safe removal of the lid because of the built-in magnets present in it. Make this thing very clear that one touch can opener is usually battery operated.

These can openers are very easy to use, easy to store, and compact enough so that you can take them anywhere you want.

Countertop can openers

The main purpose of countertop can openers is to attach them to the kitchen counter easily. The main specialty of countertop can cause is that they have a vacuum base.

With the help of this waking base, it remains attached to the countertop safely. One of the benefits of the countertop can openers is that you can easily open the top of cans and the regular cans Quickly and fastly.

Also, with the help of Countertop openers, you can cut safely and neatly along the sides of the cans. Overall, these can openers are very easy and safe to use.

Single wheel opener

single wheel opener has many similarities with the bunker can opener. However, the only difference is that it has a magnet that attaches to keep the lid in place.

This magnet is not present in the bunker can opener. This is a good solution for those who feel hurt by sharp edges after firmly securing the can and the opener with their hands.

With the help of its finer grate, the single-wheel opener is safer, easier, and faster to operate. This has the effect of leaving a smooth and even finish. Attach the opener on the top of the can, positioning the wheel very close to the rim.

Can openers that produce sharp edges can be challenging to use for those with a hard time opening cans. An opener with a single wheel ensures a safe, speedy process.

Butterfly can openers

Remember that the butterfly can opener is the manual can opener as a rotating cutting wheel. So, you can easily break open the lid of the can while using this can opener.

Use the can opener’s pliers to tightly secure the lid after puncturing it with a pointed object. Rotate the handle slowly to open the can while holding on to the lid.

The butterfly can opener also comes with a key and tongs. So, with the help of tongs, you can easily hold the can and turn the can.

However, the main disadvantage of using this can opener is that some people find it complicated to use as many steps are involved.

In butterfly can opener, a bottle opener is also present on their handle so that you can easily open the beer bottles or any other types of bottles.

Lever-type can opener

We can also call liver type can opener claw-shaped openers. This opener was invented in 1855.

This type of tin opener is operated by hand and hammered around metal cans’ tops. It has a big curved blade with a guard on the other end to prevent it from going deep into the can.

When using a lever-type can opener, use caution because you could end up with a sharp-edged can and lid.


What types of can openers are there?

Two main types of can openers are available in the market: manual can openers and electric can opener.

However, the main operation in both can openers are the same, but the only difference is that manual is manually operated whereas the electric can opener is electrically operated.

Why do tin openers not work?

Mostly the tin openers get dulled and cannot cut through the metal as easily as other types of a can openers, especially the stainless steel can openers. Also, over time, tin openers gradually misaligned.

Which can openers easily remove the lid?

Oxo Can Opener is a smooth edge can opener and is considered the best can opener that gives a fun twist. The lids can be removed and reused after the cans are cut below their top edge.

Final thoughts

The can opener should be very easy to use and safe and, if so, your hands will not cut while using it. We have discussed different types of can openers.

However, the main types of can openers discussed here are manual and electric can openers. These are widely used and very famous in the market.

Don’t choose a device that doesn’t address the entirety of your issues, just because you have the right to have machines and appliances throughout your life that make things simpler.

It may seem like a straightforward piece of kitchen hardware, but there are several things you need to keep in mind to get the best model.

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